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About Us

Our Story

Product Philosophy

When things happen to us, they also happen to our hair, and it throws our confidence off. But that was yesterday!  

Coily Life products blend non-toxic and natural ingredients to make your multi-textured hair healthier, stronger, softer, more lustrous, and easier to manage.


Brand Philosophy


We believe that every coily crown is full of character, value, and beauty. We educate, affirm, and champion through our products, professional styling, and community. 


Coil Philosophy


Coily, Kinky, Curly —they're all good and deserve good things, like roots, herbs, and oils, along with healthy doses of hydration and sleek style techniques that pay homage to natural glory. 




With forever friend appeal, the soul of an OG beautician, and proud Detroit roots, Dorothy Sanchez came into her own learning about her roots and how to heal, treat, and style Black women's multi-textured hair. 


With ingenuity, education, and moxie, she curated a hair product collection that treats, heals, and styles natural hair while elevating her clients' confidence and women worldwide. 


Her first love is connecting with clients on an intimate level as a senior hairstylist. When Dorothy is not behind the chair, she also works to increase representation of professional Black stylists, who work behind the scenes of commercial, print, and media sets, and know how to care for naturals and Afrocentric beauties.


This trifecta handles you with care, sends your confidence through the roof, and celebrates your Afrocentric beauty as the standard, not the exception.