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Coil Friend Box

includes: Coil Nourishing Shampoo+ Perfect Detangling Conditioner+ Coil Quenching Leave In Conditioner + Herbal Growth Oil + Coil Repair Deep Conditoner

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Just wow 🙈

I have 4c hair. I used to feel like I didn't have "good hair". I realize now its all about the products. My hair was craving some serious moisture. These products gave it to me , like now its so easy for me to style my hair. I used to dread doing it, now I feel like i cant actually be cute with my natural hair. Special shout out to the shampoo and conditioner which my hair never tangles when i use it unlike many others. The leave in is the goat and Ive used the oil for a year now and I have finally grown back my edges.

All my favorites

So glad Coily Life offers all my favorites in one bundles. The shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever used for my hair. My hair is usually dry but not when I started using these products together. I cant get enough of the leave in conditioner and the oil smells amazing. I only use the deep conditioner 1x a month because its very strong. If your looking for products that truly do what they say then buy some Coily Life, you wont be dissapointed.

kierra brown
thick hair life

You Absolutely have to be using the products in the correct order for them to work and for you to be seeing results I have been using all these products for a while now and have definitely been seeing results.

Eureka F.
All of these products are great.

ALL of these products are great. I love that what’s used on my hair in the salon can be used at home between visits.

Laynette McArthur
My 4C Hair

I was really hoping to get some great results with the items I purchased, but after using the products for two weeks, my hair has been left really dry and hard. Even after using the mask that was included. The oil just sits on top of my hair, and it isn't absorbed as most other oils are. So, I haven't seen satisfied with my purchase at all.

Hi Laynette, I am sorry you didnt get the results you hoped for. These products usually give great results. Would you allow us to schedule a call with you to find out what exactly happened and hopefully we can help you achieve the outcome you desired? If so contact us at, we'd love to help you one on one.