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Coily Lifestyle Tee


Length Check said Whatup!! Hair Goals said Heyyyy

Remember when you had to dang near break your neck just to see if you had some hangtime!?

Or when asking somebody else if your hair looked longer was the only way to see if your hair goals got the memo?

We did something we know you’re gonna love.

Our Official COILY LIFE Length Check T-shirt is anything but basic and everything you need for your hair growth journey.

Perfect as a statement tee to rep your coily pride or for chilling with no make-up on read: wash day— this 100% cotton tee is double-sided with or brand logo on the front and lines for hair length indicators on the back. 

Now you can go from “getting there” to “long hair don’t care” with all the joy that comes with becoming your own hair goals.

Thank us later, babe!

What makes it grand:

  • 100% breathable cotton for 
  • Stay in the know about your length goals
  • Perfect for Wash and Style Days



Rock it with pride!